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Motion vs Taking Action

From the bestseller Atomic Habits, James Clear explains his vision of movement versus action. It's something we've all been victims of and that's fine. This is just a simple reminder to lean towards action rather than movement.

Being in motion is having a plan or an idea without truly taking action about it. You have goals, but you don't write them down, you want to start a project, but you spend a lot of time comparing prices instead of actually going in. A lot of great things can happen while being in motion, you can spend some time organizing, planning, learning and strategizing. However, those steps do not produce a result or a final outcome. Action does. Taking action means getting out of your comfort zone, literally moving toward a project, a goal or an idea. Action is taking a leap of faith in the right direction. Whatever the action is, you are getting closer to the desired outcome.

Are you doing something? Or are you just preparing to do it? Are you in motion? Or are you taking action?

Quote of the week from my environment In Amy Cuddy's book Presence, she mentioned the concept of self-absorption (preoccupation with one's own emotions, interests, or situation) and her research has shown that: "The reality is that people just aren't thinking about you as much as you think they are - even when you actually are the center of attention." Feel free to wear the flashy crocs or t-shirt this week ;) Have a great week, Charles,

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